Who owns the Internet?

Who owns the Internet?


Who owns the Internet? The Internet has changed our lives so much that today we cannot live without the Internet, it is impossible for us to live without the Internet, so we cannot get images of our lives without the Internet.

Have you ever thought we’re getting this Internet? Have you ever thought that the Internet is near by, which is used by people in the world at every moment?

These questions are very deep for the Internet which is used by the world. His master must be the richest person in the world because everything is incomplete without the Internet, how can Amazon’s owners be the richest person in the world?

If you have such questions, these articles are the answer to every question you have, because in today’s post we are going to give you complete information about the Internet in this post. and provide complete information about the Internet owner.

The full name of the Internet is connected networks. This web server is a vast network of worldwide. Hence it is also known as the World Wide Web. It is commonly called the Web, a network connected to the world’s servers.

The Internet is a universal network that connects computers worldwide to the system. The Internet includes many high-bandwidth that are considered the backbone of the Internet, a very busy computer network.

The Internet is no less than a great web. Internet is a very modern system in the information technology world. Internet, a, communicates with the world’s information and communication.

The Internet uses a certified communication protocol to stay connected. The Internet establishes relationships from one computer to another through the Internet TCP/IP protocol, which connects all computers in the world through Internet routers and servers.

Who owns the Internet?

The Internet is not ours and nobody else. No person or organization is near the Internet or runs the Internet entirely if it is viewed in the right mind.

The Internet is based on multiple concepts rather than real abstract entite, depending on the physical structure of the network that connects to one another.

In the original principle, the Internet is owned by all who use it directly or indirectly.

Where does the Internet come from?

Simply put, the Internet is a medium that helps us do anything if we want to send a message to someone. Or if we want to read articles on the blog, it is also done by the Internet.

The Internet sends requests to other servers to do all these things. The server accepts your request as soon as this request reaches the server and the result of the request is immediately returned to your phone or laptop.

Who invented the Internet and when?

The Internet was not invented by any particular person. In 1957, the United States established an agency called The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to create a special technology in World War II, which allowed computers to connect to other computers.

Founded the agency in 1969 and named Arpanate as technology in the early 1980s. When the TCP/IP protocol was invented, the technology was named internet by Winten Serf and Robert Kahn, which gave a new twist.

When did the Internet start?

The Internet was launched on January 1, 1983, when the Internet took over the TCP/IP protocol and created a large network that led to the technology being called a “network of networks”.

When did the Internet start in India?

Internet launched in India The network was launched in India on August 14, 1995 by Vikas Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNNR), and people in India also started using the Internet.

Who is the founder of the Internet?

It is perfectly right that the internet owner should be the richest person in the world, and he would be the richest man in the world but no internet owner.

The Internet is not of any individual or of any country, government or private institution, it can also be said that the Internet is a completely free technology in which one country is not dominated.

The question now arises: Who runs the Internet? The Internet is maintained by 3 TR1 companies who have laid down the submarine cable under the sea.

Through these cables, the Internet connects one device to another, and through these cables all data goes from one place to another.


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