CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) Download

CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) Download


Aside from popular games such as “Dragon Quests” or “Final Fantasy,” Square Anex has a number of categories that have contributed to their success. A game that has not achieved much success than the above mentioned games. It is a game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of the “Ultimate Fantasy” series, a game called the Crow’s Trigger. Not only hironobu sakachchi’s presence, but also two other talents, Yuji Hori, father of the “Dragon Quest” series. The final was the one that helped make the game one of the most famous manga of dragon quest, a kirra toriama. Together, the three have made the best RPG games of all time. Only this, the success of this game has been predicted, and it has come true. The game has quickly become a match for the former brothers, it’s a little better. There are many new things in the game that players have never seen anywhere else before. With the game’s appeal, the manufacturer decided to introduce a remake version for the mobile platform.

App Name CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.)
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre RPG
Size 528M
Latest Version 2.0.5
Get it On Google Play
Update March 9, 2021

New storyline, bring the soul into the container

The plot of the game is something that has played a big role in making the game success for the players to experience. While the elements of time travel are still a new thing, this game has included players to enjoy. When the element of time travel was a strange thing, the creative team of the game successfully created characters and integrated them in a timeline. It can be said that this game is a game that implements the theory of travel at the best time to experience players.

The story of the game begins when Crono hits a girl named Marley in the Millennium Fair in the Kingdom of Goery. Crono then took Marlen to Lucca’s house to see the newly discovered teleport function. Marley had volunteered to try this war machine first, but an unfortunate incident occurred. When she came to him, her chain was shining and she opened a portal, she was floating in it near the gate. Crono voluntarily jumped into the search for Marley, but once again everything went wrong. He had returned 400 years ago, at the same time that the queen of the singer had gone missing and thought that Marley was Lee, so the soldiers had taken him to the fort. Later, Lucca looks and says that Marley is the princess of Gideon and is a descendant of Linne, so she looks very similar. If they didn’t get the real queen, there was an opportunity for Marley to not exist and they too. So Krono and Lucca need to find a way to save the Queen and normalize the timeline. If not, the timeline will be disrupted and this disruption could have a significant impact on the world. So, their journey begins officially during the time, what is waiting for them?


Active Arbitration Mechanism

Like games at the same time, this game maintains a turn-based fighting mechanism, but it is not the same as the players have ever seen. In games, characters will stop at the positions you have arranged to fight. Tankers are in the front row to protect others, while people like Masa are standing in the back row to secure safety. But this is not the game; Players are not free to determine the status of each character of the game or they will move forward automatically. Demons and heroes both automatically go to new places to attack the enemies. Players will experience a lot of new experiences and if you say boring turn-based titles, you should play and think again. Because when it comes to the game, the experience of the player will be the best.


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Take the best tricks

Because characters are always moving, this will affect the aggression of the game’s characters. Characters with the skills of a larger range will have more advantages than the near-range as they can easily attack the enemies. And characters who use dirty weapons and physical power need to be able to attack the target. While fighting, there may be many problems, such as team members accidentally surrounded by many demons or vice versa. The game’s characters also have a special tech skills, and players can learn a lot when they are at the highest level. If two or more characters use tech at the same time, they will resonate with each other and face more damage.


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